Wardrobes and Chests Provide Ample Storage and Great Design for Your Tuscan Bedroom

When it comes to adding furniture for your Tuscan bedroom, clothing storage is generally the next priority after selecting a bed. But if you think a chest of drawers or a dresser is your only bedroom storage option, it’s time to start thinking outside the box! For the most authentic Tuscan feel, wardrobes and blanket chests are actually the best option.

Wardrobes and Chests Provide Ample Storage and Great Design for Your Tuscan Bedroom

That’s because utilizing wardrobes and chests can give your home a rustic, country feel. In centuries past, most homes were constructed without closets, so families had furniture to perform basic storage functions. Using pieces in these classic styles can help infuse your home with that timeless, antique feeling that’s so important for Tuscan décor. So whether you choose a new chest that’s made to look old or an antique wardrobe, this type of furniture can put the finishing touch on your Tuscan bedroom.

Many homeowners are reluctant to give up the storage provided by a dresser, but you may be surprised by how functional a wardrobe cupboard or blanket chest is for storing clothes and other necessities. In fact, today you can find many traditional-style wardrobes that open to reveal drawers and storage options of all kinds. By selecting a chest or wardrobe (or both!) for your Tuscan bedroom, you won’t be sacrificing functionality for form. Instead you’ll be getting ample space for your clothes and the classic Tuscan style that will make your room shine.

Of course, if a chest of drawers is truly necessary for your storage needs, don’t feel like great Tuscan design is out of your reach! Including a dresser in your bedroom doesn’t necessarily ruin the décor: just make sure you select a rustic-style piece that blends in with the timeworn feel of the rest of the room.

Also, consider the furniture arrangement when you’re placing your dresser. Because your chest of drawers will probably feel less “Tuscan” than the other furnishings in your bedroom, you’ll want to downplay its importance by not making it a focal point. Try setting your dresser off to one side or tucking it in a corner. That way you’ll have the storage you need for all of your clothes and personal items without creating a distraction from the rest of your beautiful Tuscan space.

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