Wrought Iron Sets the Mood in Your Tuscan Dining Room

Sturdy, rustic, and timeless: wrought iron can infuse the right splash of Tuscan style into your dining room. Both beautiful and laid-back, wrought iron furniture and accents can help bridge the gap between formal and informal that homeowners often face when they are creating a Tuscan dining room.

Utilitarian in its sturdy, substantial design, but often worked into highly ornamental shapes, wrought iron combines the practical side of Tuscan design with decorative aspects that can help your décor shine. A very traditional material in Mediterranean homes and villas, wrought iron can help bring your dream of a truly Tuscan dining room to life.

Here are some of my favorite ways to use wrought iron in the dining room:

Lighting: Every dining room needs a chandelier. But instead of opting for a Victorian-style crystal confection, why not choose wrought iron! There are a number of great looks available in wrought iron chandeliers, including candelabra styles, designs with glass globes, and more. Wrought iron wall sconces are also a great way to infuse a more traditional Tuscan style into your dining room. They look great flanking a sideboard or even a piece of art and can help create a focal point in the space.

Décor: Wrought iron is the perfect choice for decorative plate racks, candleholders, and other finishing touches for your dining room. Available in truly limitless designs, wrought iron accessories can help round out the style of your room without detracting from its Tuscan feel.

Furniture: Tables, chairs, and serving pieces can all be found in fantastic wrought iron designs. For that truly authentic Tuscan ambience, opt for wrought iron furnishings with marble or wood tops (glass tops are too modern for most Mediterranean-inspired dining rooms).

No matter how you choose to use wrought iron in your Tuscan dining room, its sturdy construction and old-fashioned appeal are sure to generate a traditional Italian vibe that makes you feel as though you’ve just stepped into a Tuscan villa!