Take Your Tuscan Living Room to the Next Level: Accessorizing Will Make Your Style Shine!

When the walls are painted, the fireplace installed, and the furniture in place, it’s time to add the accessories and accents that will round out your Tuscan décor. But what items will create that sense of authentic Italian style? Here are a few ideas!
Perhaps the most obvious place to start when it comes to accessorizing your Tuscan living room is with art.

Bare walls are about as inviting as your average institution, so you’ll want to add life and visual interest to your walls with the right art. With its emphasis on natural imagery and inspiration, Tuscan décor is the perfect place for landscape paintings and prints, especially art that incorporates the fields and architecture so iconic to Tuscany. Other great ideas for Tuscan wall art can include wrought iron screens and sconces, cast stone sculptures, and even simple mirrors that reflect the view from the outside. No matter which Tuscan art pieces you select, make sure they are hung so as to achieve balance rather than competition with each other and the rest of the space.

Tuscan earthenware can also be a fabulous accent for your living room. Too often, people think that pottery and stoneware dinnerware can only be used in the kitchen or dining room. But the truth of the matter is that it can also become a gorgeous Tuscan accessory in your living room. From decorative ewers and vases to beautiful hand-painted plates, earthenware can be used to adorn walls, fill bookshelves, and even dress up fireplace mantels.

One of my favorite ways to put the finishing touches on any Tuscan room is to add a few houseplants. A fabulous way to bring the outdoors inside, placing plants on shelves, mantels, and tabletops can infuse just the right burst of nature and green into your living room. Philodendrons, peace lilies, and spider plants are all common choices, but any plant that will flourish inside is a great option for filling in the blank spots in your Tuscan living room.

And don’t forget, rooms without personal touches and photos can often feel sterile and un-homey no matter how beautiful the décor. That’s why I always recommend finding a couple of beautiful picture frames in Tuscan colors and styles and using them to display your favorite family photos. By incorporating images of your family as accents in your living room, you’ll not only emphasize the importance of your family in your life and your home, you’ll also add just the right welcoming touch into the space.

Check out Tuscan Home Décor & Design when you’re in the market for the finishing touches for your space. We’re sure to have the accents and accessories you need to round out your Tuscan living room and home!