Interior semiotics video

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The interior is the French word (in-térieur) is translated as an internal view — design, decoration of internal space of a building or car, etc. Architectural and artistic approach that provides a person with aesthetic perception and comfortable living conditions.

The interior semiotics videorepresents a way of unlimited human imagination, ideas and psychological attitudes that are implemented in life. When creating interior semiotics video, a person subordinates the surrounding space under his spiritual and intellectual concept.

Thus, with the help of the interior, a person satisfies and fills his aesthetic needs, passing each surrounding element characteristic value.

In short, the interior semiotics video is a mirror of the soul, telling about the inner world of a person and his creative abilities. The style of the interior should be is chosen in respect with personnel interests and preferences, or you can create an interior with the participation of several styles, such a design in the interior is called a mixed style.

The basic rule – the consistency of objects, a harmonious combination of the environment.

Modern trends in interior design are often controversial: on the one hand, most spaces are fully equipped with the latest household appliances, on the other, interior are tend to nature, containing natural plant elements and minimum in details and things.

Before you build a house or start renovating an apartment, you have to decide of what interior your house should be. The choice of finishing materials, layout of the rooms, the choice of furniture and decor will depend on this decision.

There are three important components of interior semiotics video:

  1. Construction basis (design of walls, floor, ceiling);
  2. Subject fullness (furniture, household appliances);
  3. Functionality and psychological atmosphere.

There is a wide variety of styles used in interior design: classic, antique, romantic, Arabic, high-tech, Japanese and many others. They can be combined into three groups: modern, ethnic, historical. Some of them successfully can be mixed with each other. Even a person with modest income can afford to decorate his home in a style close to his spirit.

Specialist-designer can perform this work professionally, taking into account all the wishes.

He will develop several alternative projects, and after discussions and improvements will realize the “project of dream” for the customer.

Usually home or apartments are decorated in one style, but you can also choose different styles for individual rooms, taking into account their functional features.

The most important thing is that the design has an idea. Developed imagination, good taste and sense of proportion are very important in creating the image of the house, because the interior design is a real art!

Interior styles are divided into directions.

Classical interior

Discreet decor and expensive, high-quality materials. Stone, silk, natural wood, sculptural decoration and stucco are used.

Nouveau / Modern

The history of this style in the late XIX — early XX centuries. Preferred subjects on which there are floral patterns, flexible fluid forms.


The most current design today, prefers laconic forms, decor is virtually absent. Used furniture made of modern materials such as natural wood, steel, aluminum profiles, frosted glass.


It is characterized by compact objects, mobility and functionality of furniture.


Presents a rustic, original design. Decorated with wood and stone.


Appeared 80-ies of XX century, in the design of residential premises is not often used, but for the design of entertainment is considered an ideal option, which is performed using metal and glass.