Add Color to Your Tuscan Kitchen with the Traditional Beauty of Earthenware Pottery

When it comes to dishes in your Tuscan kitchen or dining room, forget about fragile china in fussy, pretentious patterns. Tuscan dinnerware should be all about simple beauty, vibrant color, and practical function.

Across Tuscany, kitchen tables and dining rooms are set with pottery dishes decorated in gorgeous, colorful patterns. Drawing their inspiration from the flowers, fields, and flora all around, the decorative motifs on Tuscan earthenware range from simple sunflowers to intricate geometric borders and flourishes. And with color schemes incorporating all of the hues of the Tuscan palette, the vivid golds, creams, reds, olives, and azures of these dishes add concentrated splashes of color to any meal.

You can get this same great look for your modern Tuscan kitchen whether your home is in Florence or Florida. Tuscan-inspired earthenware is becoming increasingly popular, making it easier than ever to find the right options for your family, home, and needs. From commercially manufactured pottery plates to hand-thrown bowls, the options are virtually unlimited!

Traditionally, plates and bowls in Tuscany were earthenware dishes made by hand, but today you have a wide variety of pottery-look options that bring you the classic look and vibrant colors without the cost or hand-washing requirements. Many styles of Tuscan earthenware plates, bowls, and mugs are even dishwasher-safe, making them perfect for everyday meals.

Since color is such an important aspect of earthenware dinnerware, be sure to consider how your chosen pattern will work with the rest of your Tuscan kitchen. Don’t be afraid to pick a bright look that will stand out as an accent in your kitchen—just make sure it complements the rest of the space rather than clashing with it! Mixing and matching can also be a great option for creating an eclectic sense of age and style in your kitchen, but again, be certain to select pottery with coordinating or complementary colors and designs to keep the look united and aesthetically pleasing instead of disjointed and unattractive.

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