Create a Homey Atmosphere in Your Tuscan Bedroom With Accessories Like Lighting, Mirrors, and More!

Nothing feels quite as institutional as a bedroom devoid of personal touches or ambience. That’s why it’s so important to accessorize! By adding in photos, mirrors, and even the right lighting, you can help bring out that warm, cozy feeling that will welcome you right into your Tuscan bedroom. Keep in mind that your Tuscan bedroom doesn’t have to be cluttered, but it should feel homey. Unlike the stark, empty expanses favored in contemporary and modern decors, Tuscan style should have that lived in, comfortable feel.

Lighting is the easiest way to create atmosphere, so be sure to use both lamps and candles liberally. By combining both the old-world need for candles with the convenience of modern lights, you can get a great traditional feel in your space. Mixing and matching practical lighting like bedside lamps with purely decorative lights like wall candle sconces can help you find the optimal balance between beauty and function.

After all, a bedroom that’s too dark to see in isn’t terribly welcoming! At the same time, too much light can be harsh and uninviting, so opt for soft light from several different lamps and clusters of candles instead of a bright overhead light. Today’s retailers offer a huge selection of Tuscan design lamps of all sizes, so you should be able to find just what you’re looking for to create the ideal lighting scheme for your Tuscan bedroom.


Round out your décor with decorative touches for your walls and tabletops. From decorative earthenware ewers and basins (pottery isn’t just for the kitchen!) to mirrors and framed photos, you can create a personalized Tuscan decorating scheme for your bedroom. My favorite part about putting in those finishing touches is that the sky’s the limit for your creativity. As long as each individual item stays within the general scope of Mediterranean design, you can add in all the photo frames, wall art, and accents you like. Don’t over pack the space, but make sure you’ve added enough accessories to make your new Tuscan bedroom feel just like home!